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I find it INCREDIBLY frustrating that we traded good players for people we aren't even playing this year...
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Recaps on a Hockey Filled Weekend

Oh man... I love hockey season!!

Eight cuts have to made tomorrow... I don't think it's going to be too tough to make those decisions (especially if you were watching last nights game!)

Tonight: Fine for a warm-up game. obviously nabby needs to be better in the regular season, and boyle made a huge mistake, which all better now than during the regular season. I liked McGinn in both games. Wanted to see Petrecki play, but his fight was entertaining enough ;D 

My thoughts on Heatley? Not impressed. Going to have to do a lot more than that, but obviously he still has tons of time, that was clearly just the first game.

Can't wait ~ 10/1/09 and 10/8/09
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If you are a big mac person... do not read!

So I know everyone complains about how much PC's freeze and are slow and horrible.

But let me tell you a secret, I NEVER had any of those problems with my PC.

I however have tons of problems with my mac. For example, it ALWAYS freezes while I am typing in word. Then it freaks out, and over heats itself. And then it kills my word, and I have to write my five page essay again. Let me tell you something. It sucks. Writing a bibliography the first time is painful enough. Writing it AGAIN? Sucks.

Seriously, how can people think macs are the second coming? I've had more problems since i got my mac than I ever did with my PC. (which not to say PC are the worlds greatest option... just you know I only have to write my essays and bibliogrpahies once.)

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this week = epic failure.

Doug Wilson stop it! Don't do it. I don't care what you do with Ehrhoff but stop it with Cheech! I need him to be on the team. I don't want Heatley. He doesn't want to be here. can't we just leave it at that? ! Oh dear god, please don't make this horribly horrible year even worse!

P.S. I got suspended on twitter. it's totally weird. I swear I only posted like nine things most of them being "the kenny chesney concert was amazing." all i want to do is follow brad paisley! why must everyone be so against that.

also. people in my life are totally annoying. please go away. actually run away. quickly.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a much better mood.
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That was an epic fail of an ending.

I think my heart just broke into a tiny million pieces.

Trish and Henry were just adorable, and I was rooting for them to live it out.

Okay so Abby and Jimmy? Cute, but come on!

Okay it totally took me my surprise when it was Henry, because I won't lie I thought it was Jimmy when Wakefield goes on the whole I have a son spiel. Creative, I'll give you that. And okay there was the clue where Henry was covered in blood when JD died.

But really, did Henry even really know Wakefield was being honest? Gah! 

I really would've been okay with everyone dying except for Trish and Henry being all fake. That made me sad.

Also, I did think it was kinda funny that they left out like three of the friends that died in the video thing at the end. What was her name? Beth and then the one with the dog? 

Ugh.. don't you just hate it when things don't end like you want them to?!!
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Dear Friends.

Got the wisdom teeth out yesterday. Today I learned that advil does not mix well with my meds they gave me. Otherwise, it's been all smooth sailing ;D

P.s. Calgary was amazing. my favorite part you ask? Look:

We're going to build a Sharks one because I may have gone ape shit when I saw that, and my trainers may have laughed at me for like ten minutes straight. But then they offered to help me build my Shark's jumps, so it's all good stuff.

Then I convinced them to buy a kitten. See below, his name you ask? It's Gusto Roots. I know, they are strange but they are my people so what can you do?!

So I have not managed to take pictures of the actual horse show yet. Maybe next year. It's a step up that I took pictures at all this year, even though I've taken the camera every year ;D

I'd really like to go to Vancouver for the Olympics next year, I think I should really start to look into tickets if I have any desire to even be near the hockey games.

Lastly: Clowe yay! And Grier is gone, that's.... well it's what it is. We've still gotta do some moves though, right?

Oh boy, I'm having my hockey withdrawls already, it's just not good for my health.

The new Brad Paisley CD: Awesome beyond words.

Harper's Island 2 hour Finale this weekend: uhh, can't wait! 

Pronger with the Fliers: I'm still digesting, but seriously, I like the Fliers! Pronger... uh not so much.

Wow, I updated! Now to go catch up with all my new friends updates!