z3s_keep_going (z3s_keep_going) wrote,

Oh boys!!

The game last night totally made me squee!

I was super excited that the fans cheered for Cheech and Michalek, even when Michalek scored. I thought I'd be the only one!

But I was super lucky and got to go down to the locker rooms after, and Cheech and Michalek were super nice, and so excited about the welcome they got back, especially Cheech. And McLellan came over and was talking to them, and he was telling Cheech that he should've scored on the wrap around attempt. And in the Sharks locker room a few the players who were hanging around were talking about them but they couldn't sneak over to the other side, and I remember in specific Thornton asked if anyone had gone over and talked to them, and someone mentioned McLellan going over and he was like "oh that's really great, they really deserve it" or something like. Yeah not his actual words, but in my moment of sqeeing I forgot to remember the exact ones ;D

So yeah, best night ever. Loved the boys, the game, and the awesome fans sj has!
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